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The general idea is that the witchcraft tools directs psychic energies to perform a certain action.

The Magick Instruments required for conjuring Spirits

Magickal tools are sensitive. They will absorb the energy of a person who touches them. When not in use, you should store your magickal tools in a place whre no one can find them. Don´t let anyone else touch your witchcraft tools. If someone touches one of your tools, you can smudge it with sage. Wave the instrument through the sage smoke to cleanse out the energy from the person who touched it, but it will not drive out all of the positive magickal energy that you built up before.

The Magick Wand

The magick wand or rod is a symbol of authority. It is an important weapon and symbol of supreme power. In witchcraft the wand should be made of hazel, having no branches or offshoots.

In necromancy the wand should be made of a graveyard tree and is an emblem of death.

The wand must be cut and trimmed on the day and in the hour of the Sun with the magick athame, while the following characters must be inscribed upon it on the day and in the hour of Mercury:

symbols for the magick wand
Symbols for the magick wand

Let the following words be recited when the writing is finished:

“O ADONAY, most Holy and most Powerful, vouchsafe to consecrate and bless this Rod, so that it may possess the required virtue, O most Holy ADONAY, to whom be honour and glory for ever and over. Amen.”

Lastly, the instrument should be asperged, fumigated, stained with sacrificial blood and put away in the silken cloth. The magician always keeps his wand, when not in use, wrapped in silken cloth, of any colour except black or brown.

Athame or Arthame

The witches black-hilted knife, allegedly endowed with magical properties. It is used for drawing the magick circle as decribed in grimoires and textbooks on magic. It has always magick symbols or characters engraved on the one-sided blade, and sometimes the handle is also decorated. The Athame is symbolic of the element of fire.

The Magick Sword

Some Witches believe that the sword corresponds to the element fire while others believe it corresponds with the element air. The sword corresponds with the planet Mars. It can be used for most of the same purposes as an athame, but a sword is more suitable for highly formal occassions. It is also used in rituals for summoning a spirit.

symbols for the magick sword
Symbols for the magick sword

Magick Robes

magick robe

Their colors and design have symbolic significance. To put on a robe is a sign of assuming a frame of mind suitable to the ceremony to be performed.

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