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Engraving of Faust's pact with Mephisto, by Adolf Gnauth (circa 1840)

Pact with the Devil

A deal with the Devil (also called a pact with the Devil, Faustian bargain, or Mephistophelian bargain) is a cultural motif exemplified by the legend of Faust and the figure of Mephistopheles, as well as being elemental to many Christian traditions.
In the medieval period however numerous accounts of pacts with the devil appeared in literature. From the sixteenth century, the pact included homage and reverence to the devil and was thus considered a form of apostasy and heresy, crimes pursued by the Inquisition.
The ritual for a pact with the devil has to be done at the right time, for, according to demonology, there is a specific month, day of the week, and hour to call each demon. Each demon has a specific function, a certain demon is invoked depending on what the conjurer is going to ask. So you must choose the right devil for your matter.

Example of a pact with the devil and a nobleman in Pignerole in 1676

The deal with the devil can be either oral or written. An oral pact may be made by evocation, invocation, conjurations during rituals to attract the demon. Once the demon is present, you can ask for the wanted favour and offer your soul in exchange.
The deal with the devil can be either oral or written. An oral pact may be made by evocation, invocation, conjurations during rituals to attract the demon. Once the demon is present, you can ask for the wanted favour and offer your soul in exchange.

1. Lucifer, you are bound to deliver to me immediately 100,000 pounds of money in gold!

2. You will deliver me the first Tuesday of every month 1,000 pounds.

3. You will bring me this gold in current money, of such kind that no only I, but also all those to whom I may wish to give some, may use it.

4. The foresaid gold must be not false, must not disappear in one愀 hand, or turn to stone or coals. It should be metal stamped by the hands of men, legal and valid in all lands.

5. If I need a considerable sum of money, no matter when or for what purpose, you are duty bound to deliver to me secret or buried treasure. Nor need I fetch it  myself from wherever it may be hidden or burried, but you must deliver it into my hands, without any trouble to me, to wherever I happen to be at one time, to dispose of according to my own wishes and pleasure.

6. You are bound to cause no injury to my body and limbs, and do nothing to weaken my health, but preseve me from human illnesses and injury for 50 years.

7. If, contrary to our expectations, I should happen to become ill, you are bound to procure for me profed remedies to help me regain my previous good health as soon as possible.

8. Our agreement is to begin on this date.. in the year 1676, and to end on the same day in 1727. You are not to tamper with this period or encroach on my rights, or make a false reckoning (as you have often formerly accustomed to do).

9. When my time has finally run out, you are to let me die like all other men, without any shame or disgrace, and be honorably buried.

10. You are bound to make me loves and accepted by the King and all the aristocrats, by high and low, men and women, so that I may always be assured of good will and affection, and that everybody will grant without question what I may desire of them.

11. You are bound to transport me (and any other) without injury to the ends of the world, wherever I desire, no matter how far distant. You are to make me immediately so expert in the language of that place that I shall be able to speak it fluently. When I have satisfied my curiosity sufficiently, you will bring me back again, uninjured, to my home.

12. You are bound to protect me from all harm from bombs, firearms, and other weapons, so that nothing may strike me and injure my body or limbs.

13. Your are bound to assist me in my dealings with the King and help me prevail over my special enemies.

14. You are bound to provide me with a magic ring so that whenever I put it on my finger I shall become invisible and invulnerable.

15. You are bound to give me true and thorough information, without distortion or ambiguity, about any question I ask of you.

16. You are bound to give me advance warning of any secret plot against me, and to give me ways and means to thwart those plots and to bring them to naught.

17. You are bound to teach me whatever languages I may desire to learn so that I can read, converse, and express opinions as perfectly as if I had known them thoroughly from childhood.

18. You are bound to endow me with good sense, understanding, and intelligence, so that I can discuss all problems logically and can give an informed opinion about them.

19. You are bound to protect and look after me in all courts of justice and council chambers of King, Bishop or Pope, before whom I might be summoned.

20. You are bound to protect me and my household from injury, whether domestic or foreign, from theft, and from harm.

21. I am to be permitted to lead my life in outward appearance like a good Christian, and to attend divine service without your interfering.

22. You are bound to teach me how to prepare medical prescriptions and the correct use and administering of them in dosage and weight.

23. If one any occasion, skirmish or fight, I should be attacked or set upon, you are to take up the challenge for me and produce help and assistance against all enemies.

24. You are bound to prevent anyone, no matter whom, for konwing about your accord and compact.

25. As often as I desire your presence, you are to appear to me in a loving and ageeable form, never in a frightening or horrible shape.

26. You are to see that each and every person shall do my bidding.

27. You are to promise me and bind yourself to kepp unbroken these clauses, individually and collectively, and to comply assiduously wiht all of them. If you fal me in the slightest degee or display any negligence, then this pact and accord is null and void and of no force whatever.

28. In return for the foregoing promises, I swear and vow to deliver into your power several men and women. Furthermore, I renounce God, the most Holy Trinity; I wholly renounce the vows made for me at baptism. I step forward with you in a new alliance and submit myself to you both in body and soul, forever into eternity.

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