Black Magic Rituals

  The Evocation of Evil Spirits

If you intend to call any evil Spirit to the circle, you must first of all to consider and know his nature, to which of the planets it agrees, and what offices are distributed to him from the planet.

This being known, find a place fit and proper for his evocation, according to the nature of the planet and the quality of the offices of the same spirit. For example, if his power be over the sea, rivers or floods, then choose a place on the shore.

In like manner, choose a convenient time, both for the quality of the air, which should be serene, clear, quiet and fitting for the spirits to assume bodies, and for the quality and nature of the planet, day or night.

These things being considered, let there be a magick circle framed at the place elected, as well for the defence of the master as for the confirmation of the spirit. In the circle itself there are to be written the general divine names, and those things which do yield defence unto us; the divine names which do rule the said planet, with the offices of the spirit himself; the names, finally, of the good spirits which bear rule and are able to bind and constrain that spirit which you intend to call. If you would further fortify your circle, you may add characters and pentacles agreeing to the work. So also, and within or without the circle, you may frame the seal of the spirit.

Moreover, the operator is to be provided with lights, perfumes, unguents and medicines compounded according to the nature of the planet and spirit, which do agree with the spirit. The operator can also be furnished with holy and consecrated things for the defence of the master and his fellows. Such are holy papers, lamens, pictures, pentacles, swords, sceptres and garments.

When all these are provided, the master and his fellows being in the magick circle, and all those things which he uses, let him say the conjuration with a loud voice and a convenient gesture and countenance.

Let him then rest a little, looking about him to see if any spirit do appear, which if he delay, let him repeat his conjuration as before, until he has done it three times. If the Spirit be still pertinacious and will not appear, let him begin to conjure him with divine power, but in such a way that all the conjurations and commemorations do agree with the nature and offices of the spirit himself. Reiterate the same three times, from stronger to stronger, using objurgations, contumelies, cursings and punishments.

After all the courses are finished, again cease a little, and if any spirit shall appear, let the master turn towards him, receive him courteously, and, earnestly entreating him, let him require his name. Then proceeding further, let him ask whatsoever he will.

But if in anything the spirit shall shew himself obstinate or lying, let him be bound by convenient conjurations, and if you still doubt of any lie, make outside the circle, with the consecrated sword, the figure of a triangle or pentacle, and compel the Spirit to enter it. If you would have any promise confirmed upon oath, stretch the sword out of the circle, and swear the Spirit by laying his hand upon the sword.

Then having obtained of the Spirit that which you desire, or being otherwise contented, license him to depart with courteous words, giving command unto him that he do no hurt. If he will not depart, compel him by powerful conjurations, and, if need require, expel him by exorcism and by making contrary fumigations.

When he is departed, go not out of the circle, but stay, making prayer for your defence and conservation. All these things being orderly performed, you may depart.

But if your hopes are frustrated, and no spirit will appear, yet for this do not despair, but, leaving the circle, return again at other times, doing as before. And if you shall judge that you have erred in anything, then you shall amend by adding or diminishing, for the constancy of reiteration does often increase your authority and power, and strikes terror into the spirits, humbling them to obedience.

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Black magic is the selfish perversion of magical arts to destroy others, or for personal gain. The conscious use of black magic rituals for the exercise of evil. The black magician is a person who wants power for himself.. A magician may summon the Devil or one of his demons and remain a white magician, so long as the purpose for the summoning is benevolent. Black magicians are usually those who made a pact with the Devil. They invoke diabolic and infernal powers by black magic rituals and spells.