Abramelin Magic


The system of magic contained in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage, allegedly of 15th-century origin but probably dating from the 18th, which was translated into English bv MacGregor Mathers and which strongly influenced both Mathers and Aleister Crowley. The 'sacred magic', which dispenses with much of the complicated paraphernalia and ceremonial of the European tradition of ritual magic, is based on the principle that the material world is the creation of evil spirits which can be controlled by the magician, provided he has first acquired the 'knowledge and conversation" of his Holy Guardian Angel, a being taken by practitioners of the system to be the magician's true self. Once he has achieved this, he can use the spirits (which can again be interpreted as factors within himself) as his servants. The book contains a large collection of magic squares - arrangements of letters which represent wishes in the magician's mind and which give effect to these wishes, though they are said to be extremely dangerous to use without the proper preparation.

The Abramelin Squares

"To excite every Description of Hatred and Enmity, Discords, Quarrels, Contentions, Combats, Battles, Loss, and Damage."


The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested in part by the Angels, and in part also by the Evil Spirits.

BELZEBUD performs the Operations hereof.

The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this chapter.

Instructions: Name aloud the person or persons you wish to damage, and move the Symbol under whose class they come. But if it be not for yourself that you are operating, but for two or more other persons, you should still name such persons aloud, and move the Symbols of the class or classes under which they come. Also, if possible, it is a good thing to touch them with the Symbol, on the bare skin, if you can.

(1) To excite Quarrels and Fights.


(2) For Enmity in general.


(3) For Enmities of Kings and of the Great.


(4) For particular Enmities.


(5) For Enmities among Women.


(6) To cause a General War.


(7) To render any one unfortunate in Combat.


(8) To put Discord in an Army.


(9) For a particular Discord.


(10) To sow Discord among Ecclesiastics.


(11) For every description of Vengeance.


(12) To cause Battles, Losses, etc.

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